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    “What is a government without energy? And what is a man without energy? Nothing, nothing at all.” The decision makers in the UK government responsible for keeping the lights on must have been avid followers of Mark Twain, implementing a renewable energy policy aimed at providing 20 year index linked revenue streams to incentivise the sector. Even the key mechanism, known as the RO (Renewable Obligation), sounds like the parlance akin to Huckleberry Finn. The backdrop to the renewable energy tale is a history of using cheap domestic coal and gas to sustain the energy network ... more

    With Roger Federer equalling Pete Sampras’ amazing achievement of a seventh Wimbledon title the excitement at the All-England club is over for another year. But when Sampras reached those heights, he opened the door for others, like Federer, to move forward to excel further.  On a more British sporting note, this was also demonstrated in 1954 by Sir Roger Bannister who, after numerous attempts to break the four minute mile, showed real dedication and overcame the propagated myth that it couldn’t be achieved, and broke the record in a time of 3min 59 seconds which was prom ... more

Tom is an energy corporate finance specialist with a green twist.
He works within Ernst & Young's market leading renewable energy team on a wide range of technologies from nuclear and biomass through to onshore wind and offshore grid connection.
Whilst all falling under a low-carbon umbrella his clients span government regulators, utility companies and individual site developers.
Tom started his finance career with British Energy at the 1.2GW Sizewell B nuclear station. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge and is a Chartered Accountant.

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Rob brings an international focus to the renewable energy team, recently working on projects in South Africa and Western and Eastern Europe.
He works across a wide range of technologies from solar PV and energy from waste to onshore wind and biomass.
Having contributed to and lead Ernst & Young's Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices he has a deep understanding of global renewable energy markets.
Rob has previously worked for the Renewable Energy Association, advising on UK renewable energy policy.  He holds a masters in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh.

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