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    (This article first appeared in the May 2013 edition of Investment & Pensions Europe magazine and is reproduced with kind permission) Had you walked through Redington’s office on any given day over the last few of months you would have seen a copy of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Antifragile on someone’s desk.   Love him or hate him, his writing certainly spurs debate – as fully evidenced by the number of iterations this co-authored article has gone through. Taleb’s central thesis is startling, easy to grasp and delivered with the straight ta ... more

Patrick joined Redington as an investment consultant after working at Prisma Capital Partners, an alternative investment manager which specialises in building customised hedge fund portfolios for large institutional investors.
Prior to Prisma, Patrick was as an investment consultant at Watson Wyatt where he worked with a number of FTSE 100 pension fund clients on investment strategy, portfolio construction and implementation.
Patrick is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, a Chartered Financial Analyst and holds a First Class Degree in Actuarial and Financial Studies from University College Dublin.

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