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    Introduction Equities have had a particularly good run lately – the FTSE 100 nudged over 6,300 at the end of January whilst the Dow Jones 30 hit 14,000 for the first time in 5 years last Friday.  Perhaps now we should consider banking some of our recent gains and taking out an insurance-of-sorts?  This article aims to present a potential solution which could reduce the volatility of equity investing and limit the tail-risk in the event of a market crash.Know Your Options An option is a type of a derivative contract.  The two most widely known options are call and pu ... ..read more

Owen is an Investment Consultant at Capita Employee Benefits. Having previously worked at Mercer, Owen moved to Capita in November 2011 and currently advises a portfolio of clients with assets between £10m and £80m. Owen has passed the majority of actuarial exams and has a keen interest in the interaction between investment strategy and liability movements; focusing his research on ALM modelling, dynamic de-risking and the use of Liability-Driven-Investments to reduce risk.
When not in the office or studying for his final actuarial exams, Owen can usually be found on the rugby pitch or using groupon vouchers to explore London’s many famous restaurants and favoured past times.