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    "Prediction is difficult, especially about the future."  Niels Bohr - Danish Physicist  Nowhere has this been truer in the last 20 years than in the area of human longevity forecasting. In the first of a series of blogs dealing with the investment implications of longevity improvements let’s take a look at the approaches that have been taken by UK pension schemes in the area of forecasting longevity improvements, and summarise where the industry is currently. Source: ONS, Redington, CMI It is well known that longevity in isolation is a significant ... more

Muqiu joined Redington in 2008 as part of the ALM and Investment Strategy Team. He is mainly responsible for developing asset allocation and hedging strategies for pension schemes. 

Prior to working at Redington, he was a contractor for LPI2 Consulting, where he focused on developing a pension valuation system.

Muqiu holds a MSc. in Actuarial Science from Cass Business School and finished a dissertation on the topic of managing longevity risk with capital market instruments.

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