Keillian Tai

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  • Hedge funds, the next automobile industry?

    Automobiles started out as a toy for the rich, a symbol of excess. They were complex and needed expert drivers. Then, Henry Ford came along and turned it all on its head. The Ford ‘Model T’ was revolutionary for its time - it helped bring cars to the masses and took the mystery out of the ‘horseless-carriage’. Is the way we look at hedge funds not dissimilar to the infancy of the automobile industry? Surrounded by mystery, a black box that’s reliant on the magic of manager skill, so-called ‘alpha’. People pay for things they don’ ... more

Keillian joined the investment consulting team as a graduate in 2015. He works closely with senior members to provide clients with investment analysis and advice. He is passionate about the RedSTART initiative, which looks to develop financial literacy in school children.

Prior to Redington, Keillian graduated from Bristol University with an MSci in Chemistry. He is an avid foodie and enjoys playing basketball in his spare time.