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    PRS is becoming an area of interest for institutional investors. Why? First of all, what is it? Private Rented Sector (PRS) is residential property that is not occupied by the owner but rented out by private (as opposed to social) landlords. The English Housing Survey suggests it currently represents 19% of the English residential market. According to PIA Property Data Report (2014), the UK Private Rented Sector market is £839bn in size. To put that into context, the UK commercial property market is £683bn. Why is it interesting for potential investors? Ther ... ..read more

    Last week on Wednesday, the Chancellor announced the 2014 Budget. Although, according to the FT, in the run-up to the publication there were hints that George Osborne might “pull a rabbit from the hat”, not many had expected the kind of pension reform bombshell the Chancellor dropped.What Happened? In essence, the new law makes it possible for the Defined Contribution (“DC”) pension scheme members to withdraw their entire pension pot all at once upon retirement, without incurring a highly punitive tax, as it was the case so far. Before the change, the system was r ... ..read more

Kate joined Redington as part of the Manager Research graduate team in 2011, and now works with senior members of the Manager Research Team to provide advice to a range of trustee and sponsor-side clients.
Kate holds a BSc degree in Economics from Sussex University, as well as a MSc in Real Estate Economics and Finance from the London School of Economics. Kate is originally from Poland and in her spare time, she likes to read.

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