Karen Heaven

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  • Opportunities in Infrastructure

    Part 4 of the Asset Class ‘Back to the Future’ series. Karen Heaven looks at the 2012 Asset Class’s approach to opportunities in infrastructure and whether those opportunities remain. ******************** What we said... In Autumn 2012, Asset Class focused on opportunities for pension schemes in infrastructure. Namely, a subset of what we call “Flight Plan Consistent Assets” (or “FPCAs”). FPCAs are assets that provide stable, long-dated, often inflation-linked, cashflows. They offer an illiquidity premium and hence have chara ... ..read more
  • How did our Returner fare in a new world of Investment Consulting?

        Prior to Kelly joining Redington, I had some misgivings about a “Returner” joining the Investment Consulting team, despite being very supportive of the "return to work" program and having been involved in the Returner recruitment process. The Investment Consulting team is client-facing, requires specific technical knowledge across a wide range of finance topics, and has a very lumpy workload in line with the quarterly meeting cycle.   To me, this presented a challenge. Namely finding enough interesting and useful things for our R ... ..read more

Karen joined Redington as an Investment Consultant after eight years at Morgan Stanley, where she was a Vice President in the European pensions group, focusing on risk management for UK pension schemes.

Prior to joining the pensions group, Karen held roles in both equity and debt capital markets.

Karen holds a degree in Engineering, Economics and Management (MEng) from Oxford University.