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    I have recently had the pleasure of delivering a financial education workshop to a group of 15 year old girls from Sarah Bonnell School in partnership with RedSTART.   It is the second time that I have delivered a workshop like this and I always come away from teaching children having thoroughly enjoyed it. I love their engagement and response, they are so willing to get involved and are unafraid to ask questions and it brings me real joy.   I feel very passionately that our youngsters need to have financial education and I believe that it should be part of the school syl ... ..read more

On the 6th May 2014 Hannah Jane Foxley, aged 36 very sadly passed away from breast cancer.

Her mission was to redefine the way that women feel about getting financial advice, especially when they are going through a traumatic experience such as divorce or bereavement. She was known for transforming futures and left her clients feeling confident, secure and liberated.
She was an ambassador for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and was a staunch supporter of cancer charities, doing what she could to raise their profiles and raise money.