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    Background ·          We expect a 2068 (or possibly 2070) index-linked gilt to be issued via syndication on 24th September 2013. This is an extension from the 2062 of 6 years, so from 49 years to maturity to 55 years to maturity. ·          This follows the successful issue of the new ultra long 2068 conventional gilt last month. ·          In this note we look at reasons why pension schemes might wish to invest in a new u ... more

    Executive Summary - On 5th December 2012 the government announced within the Autumn Statement its intention to consult on the introduction of smoothing for pension scheme valuations - The DWP launched this consultation on 25th January 2013, which is set to close on 7th March 2013 - The DWP acknowledges the lack of consensus on how smoothing would operate and hence there is very little in the way of detail, rather the consultation poses  the question to the readers on how they would suggest incorporating smoothing into the current scheme specific regime - The consultation is s ... more

Guy is part of the RBS Pension & Insurance Solutions Group and focuses on providing risk management solutions to UK pension funds. He joined RBS in 2005 and is responsible for risk analysis and structuring solutions for pension schemes.

Prior to RBS, Guy worked at Lane Clark & Peacock, where was as investment consultant providing investment advice to pension schemes and researching liability driven investment solutions.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries and holds a first class Masters degree in Physics from Oxford University.