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    In my view, there is no escaping the fact that things are not getting better. If anything, they are getting worse. Following the large swings in financial markets these past few weeks and reading the commentary in the press, it strikes me that there is still a surprisingly strong belief out there that our fate is in the hands of the policymakers, who presumably still have it in their power to make things better for the economy. How can they do this?  Well, expect nothing new here: Mainly by the time-worn strategy of lowering official interest rates again – where this is still p ... more

    Years ago a friend of mine in New York told me about his massively overweight neighbour who took to wearing a black t-shirt with “I beat anorexia” printed on it.   I think that is how our central bankers look at the wonderful job they are doing. Since the last link to gold was severed in August 1971, the dollar has lost 82 percent of its purchasing power and the global economy is more geared than ever and now in the death throes of a four-decade leveraging bonanza but our central bankers proudly tell us, hey, at least we beat deflation! Image by scottchan   ... more

    MORE MONEY!!! Photographer Graeme Weatherston The Bank of England has recently announced another round of debt monetization, called ‘quantitative easing’. A majority of economists polled by Dow Jones Newswire earlier that week expected the central bank’s policy committee to agree “to £50 billion ($79 billion) of additional bond purchases using freshly created money to underpin demand and ensure its 2% inflation target is met.”  Some expected it to go for £75 billion, an amount which two members actually voted for. Official inflation i ... more

Detlev is an author and Austrian School Economist.  His first book 'Paper Money Collapse - The Folly of Elastic Money and the Coming Monetary Breakdown' was published in September 2011. Mr Schlichter has appeared as a commentator on television and radio while his editorials have been published by The Wall Street Journal, and He is also a senior fellow at the Cobden Centre, London, a free-market think tank devoted to issues of money and banking.

Detlev has a 19-year career in investment management, having worked at J.P. Morgan & Co, Merrill Lynch Investment Managers and Western Asset Management Co. He has overseen billions in assets under management for institutional clients but left the industry in 2009 to focus on his first book.

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