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    There is no longer any excuse for smaller pension schemes running proportionally higher investment costs. How efficient are small defined benefit pension schemes? The instinctive answer to this question would probably be “not as efficient as larger ones.” Anecdotally trustees and professional advisers who look after schemes with assets in the range of £1m to £50m admit that they struggle to find a really efficient or cost effective way of managing their investments. But there is no good reason why this should be the case. There is much discussion in occupational ... more

    Cost figures highly when I buy anything. That’s not to say that cheap is best – cliché number 1 “you get what you pay for” – or that bargain hunting is all it’s cracked up to be. There are those who believe that picking up something on sale is tantamount to saving money irrespective of whether the item was a required purchase in the first place; I’m not sure I’d subscribe to that view either. But on the other hand (is that cliché number 2?) I would never buy anything without being happy with the price unless I had no choice (eg, petrol, unle ... more

Bob Campion is Institutional Business Director of Evercore Pan-Asset, a boutique multi-asset investment manager specialising in managing low-cost diversified portfolios for pension funds. Before joining Evercore Pan-Asset in February 2012, for six years Bob was a trustee sitting on the investment sub-committee of a final salary pension scheme.

A journalist since 1998, Bob was the launch editor and later publisher of magazines Engaged Investor and Pensions Insight. He has been a frequent contributor to the Financial Times and investment trade publications and in 2010 was named Trade Journalist of the Year by the Society of Pension Consultants, also winning State Street’s Outstanding Contribution to Institutional Journalism Award.

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