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    Back in the day when I was at university, Michael Porter was the man. Every marketing class I took his theory of competitive advantages was centre stage. In itself quite simple, it says that every company needs a competitive advantage to be successful. This can be achieved by either creating a unique product (differentiation advantage) or cost leadership (cost advantage). If a company does not follow either strategy it would be ‘stuck in the middle’. Taking the car industry as an example: Germany has expensive, unique brands (BMW, Daimler, Audi), while South Korea’s bran ... more

    In many ways Europe is stuck as moving to a greater union will likely be marred with the same issues, however, scrapping the Euro has prohibitive costs at this point. As there is no obvious clear path to solve the crisis, it is likely that we will muddle through from summit to summit and politicians will reassess the situation along the way. However, in order to come to a solution the debate needs to shift.Accept that debt capacity in Eurozone is limited It is important that nations and markets realise that the debt capacity of the Eurozone is limited. Haggling and hoping for the next ba ... more

    Another European soccer championship is behind us (Eviva Espana) and it will be 4 years before the next one comes around. I wish the same could be said for EU summits which seem have become an almost constant feature in our lives.  The recent summit has brought some results, namely the attempt to break the link between banks and sovereigns, however, no game changer is in sight: same, same – just different. Whilst the market reacted positive, the crux is in the detail and the sovereign debt crisis is far from over. More drama and summits are likely on the cards, muddling through ... more

Anke is a freelance lecturer and writer. She has over 15 years experience in credit markets as a credit analyst and credit strategist, working for JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Mizuho and Calyon where she was Global Head of Capital Markets Research.

Throughout her career she has been frequently ranked as credit analyst in investor polls and has been regularly quoted in the financial press. She has lectured on financial markets at universities in the UK and France.

Anke started her career as a management consultant in Germany and Latin America. She holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Cologne as well as being a CFA Charterholder.

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